Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Starting a Four Corners blog!

Welcome to Around The Corners!

I've created this blog to foment a healthy discourse between neighbors about the future of our community.  This blog will cover a broad range of issues relating to and affecting Four Corners.  I got the idea for this blog after reading Dan Reed's blog Just Up The Pike.  Dan does an excellent job of covering issues affecting eastern Montgomery County, but he doesn't post much about Four Corners.  I did some searching and I found that every area around Four Corners has some kind of blog or Patch site covering it, but aside from local listervs, Four Corners doesn't have anything of the kind.  So I decided to start this blog because I don't think Four Corners should be an afterthought.

  I created this blog to showcase what makes Four Corners unique and how we can all make our community an even better place through shared knowledge.  I plan to cover several different aspects of Four Corners' past, present, and future.  I plan to profile local businesses and institutions as well as the people and history that make our community a great place to live.  I will also focus on proposed changes to our community and how they will impact Four Corners residents.  I've decided to name it "Around The Corners" because I wanted a name that alluded to my intention to cover all four neighborhoods as well as the community as a whole.  I look forward to the civil discussions this blog will brig about, and I hope it helps make Four Corners the best place it can be.  Enjoy the blog!

One of the Four Corners signs on University Blvd. 

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