Saturday, December 21, 2013

North Four Corners Park upgrade

As many of you already know, North Four Corners Park is being completely rebuilt.  This project has been in the works for about 15 years now, but construction only started a couple months back.  This project is significant because it it finally makes use of the large empty lot that used to be home to the Yeshiva school.   

M-NCPPC's plan for the rebuilt North Four Corners Park
Above is a picture of the plan for the new park.  The area that was once the Yeshiva property will now be the location of a new rectangular athletic field.  The old soccer field will become a semi-circular grassy area surrounded by landscaping and walking paths.  The recreation center, playground, and tennis/basketball courts will stay in their present locations.  The park will have direct access from University Blvd with a new parking lot and entrance.

View from University Blvd, this will be the site of the new athletic field and parking lot


  1. Any news on this when it might actually open?

  2. I am also wondering when the park will be completed. The website says construction was scheduled for completion in fall of 2014. School is almost out for summer, again!