Wednesday, February 12, 2014

1963 Aerial Images of Four Corners

I recently came across these awesome images of Four Corners from 1963.  I found these on the United States Geological Survey's website.  The pictures were taken a U.S. Air Force plane on April 8th, 1963.  The images show a broad area, spanning from Upper Northwest DC to Wheaton.  I zoomed in on interesting spots around Four Corners and clipped the photos to make smaller, more detailed images.  Enjoy! 

Overview of Four Corners.  The Indian Spring Country Club (mostly intact) is at center.  Notice how the portion of the Beltway east of University Blvd is still under construction.  

Capital Beltway under construction between University Blvd and New Hampshire Avenue.  This picture shows the Northwest Branch Bridge under construction.  This bridge is over 120 feet high (highest on the Beltway), but few people realize that.  The street to the left with the sharp bend is Waterford Drive in Woodmoor.

Holy Cross Hospital was smaller back then.  The bridge at right would have carried the Beltway over the never-built Northern Parkway.

Woodmoor.  Saint Bernadette's and Pine Crest.  Notice how Rockdale Drive appears to be a natural extension of Cherry Tree Lane next to Pine Crest.  

North Four Corners.  Four Corners Elementary school and North Four Corners Local Park are in the center of the image.  

The old Blair High School.  

Northwood.  I like this picture because it is so typically suburban.  Northwood High School is the large dark-roofed building to the left.

Closer view of the intersection.  

Interchange at Route 29 and New Hampshire Avenue.  Very little development around White Oak back then,  The White Oak Shopping Center is the large building center right.  

The Beltway under construction between University Blvd and New Hampshire Avenue.  

Piney Branch Road & University Boulevard.

Downtown Silver Spring.


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  2. These pictures demonstrate the visible creativity by the photographer. I really like angles of light here. So many great angles and architecture - it's fantastic!