Sunday, March 2, 2014

Coming up this week: March 2nd 2014

Here's some random information that might not warrant a full blog post, but is still pertinent to Four Corners residents.  I might make this a weekly thing if I can think of enough stuff or if I get enough suggestions from readers.  

Gathering Clouds:  5-8 inches of snow is predicted to fall on the Greater Four Corners Metropolitan Area overnight and into tomorrow.  The storm is also predicted to bring freeing rain and sleet, the amount of which depends on the temperatures.  I hope the storm consists of snow alone, since freeing rain is rough on power lines, and Pepco isn't exactly expedient when it comes to repairs.  Also, if you live near a fire hydrant, shovel it out.  My house caught on fire during the President's Day snowstorm in 2003, and a cleared fire hydrant saved valuable time and prevented the destruction of my family's home.  Simple things like shoveling out a hydrant or sidewalk (if you have one) can make our community safer for everyone.   

The shopping center after the snow a few weeks ago.  

This will be the next (and hopefully last) of several snowfalls that have occurred this winter.  Spring can't come soon enough

Lane shifts: The State Highway Administration will resume construction on the University Boulevard bridge this week.  Construction started last summer, and has been on hold for several months while power poles were relocated.  The next and largest phase of construction involves replacing the deck of the 56 year old bridge.  This is the same type of project that occurred on the Colesville Road bridge 10 years ago, for those who remember that.

The bridge in January with the right lane closed and medians paved over.  

University Boulevard will be reduced to 2 lanes each direction during this phase of construction.  Be alert for the changing traffic patterns, pay attention to the signs, and watch your speed as you drive through.  This reconfiguration will cause traffic delays, but the amount of delays is unknown.  This type of project occurred on New Hampshire Avenue at Sligo Creek last summer, and the delays were minor.  Hopefully this protect will be similar.

Longtime Resident Moving On:  Estelle Wittholz; a 60 year Woodmoor resident, will be moving to an assisted living facility in Rockville in a few days.  Mrs. Wittholz first moved to the neighborhood with her husband Charles in 1954, buying a house on Lexington Drive.  In 1974, she and her husband, along with children Chuck and Lisa, moved into her current home at 100 Williamsburg Drive.  Mrs. Wittholz's home is the first house in off University Boulevard on Willaimsburg Drive, and it is the first home people see as they enter the neighborhood.  The house was always well kept up and has impressive gardens, providing a great first impression for visitors to our community.

The Whitholtz house in the summer of 2012.

Mrs. Whitholtz has been a friend of my family for 20 years, and my family frequently visits with her (she calls my sister and I her "grandchildren").  She has contributed to the community in many ways over years, such as paying for the benches on Woodmoor Drive behind Saint Bernadette's.  Her presence will be missed, and I wish her the best in the future.      


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