Thursday, July 17, 2014

Super moon pictures

I meant to post these a couple days ago, but I got distracted by the recent storm and another story I'm working on.  Anyway, I got several pictures of the "super moon" last Saturday from a few different places in Four Corners.  A super moon is a meteorological effect which causes the moon to appear very large and bright in the sky.  I'm not an astronomer (though I did take one semester of Astronomy at DeMatha), so I do not know too much about this occurrence, but I do it looks really cool.

I also got some neat pictures of the area at night, which I have also included, even if the moon is not in view.  Since the moon was in the southeast sky, I was limited by what angles I could take pictures from, but I got some good ones.  The next super moon will be some time in August, so there will be another opportunity for neat pictures then.  

The moon over University Boulevard at Whitestone Road.

Looking west on the Beltway from University.  No moon visible since this is looking in the opposite direction.

Moon over the University Boulevard bridge (currently under construction).

As seen from the Colesville Road bridge over the Beltway.

Same angle taken a few seconds later.  No traffic at all!

Empty Colesville Road bridge.  If only it looked like this at rush hour...

Over the Woodmoor Shopping Center.  The moon doesn't look as impressive here because of light pollution from the nearby streetlights and neon signs.  

Front of the shopping center at night.

Saint Bernadette's back field.  Annex is visible bottom right.

Saint Bernadettes front entrance.  

Saint Bernadettes front lawn.

Over University Boulevard at Saint Lawrence Drive.

And finally, here's the moon as seen through some trees by my house.

Hope you enjoyed the photos! 

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