Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Colesville Road...or Columbia Pike... or Route 29?

I was looking at Four Corners on Google Maps the other day and I noticed that Colesvile Road was was partially mislabeled as "Columbia Pike" as far south as Sligo Creek.  It got me thinking about the various names we use to describe U.S. Route 29, one of the major highways passing through our community.  Which names are correct, and which ones are used the most often?            

Google isn't sure what to call Route 29 through Four Corners.  Image from Google Maps.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Freeway style signs send the wrong message at the intersection

Between 1996-1998, the Four Corners intersection was widened to increase traffic flow through our community.  Both Colesville Road and University Boulevard had new turn lanes added to eliminate impediments to through traffic caused by turning vehicles.  The reconfiguration was also designed to make it easier for drivers to reach the Beltway with minimal delay by adding an additional through lane in each direction to Colesville Road.

As part of the intersection reconfiguration, the State Highway Administration installed new signs to aid in wayfinding for drivers passing through the area.  These large overhead signs were placed on approach to the intersection and at the turns for the jug handles.  Unfortunately, these signs make Four Corners look more like a truck stop on a rural interstate rather than the unique and historic community that it actually is.    

A sign over the westbound lanes of University Boulevard in the heart of the commercial district.  Photo by the author.