Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The new North Four Corners Park in pictures

The new and improved North Four Corners Park has been unofficially opened to the public for about a month now.  Here are some photos of the new park I took during a visit there a couple weeks ago.      

The sign on then new part of the park facing University Boulevard.  Al photos by the author.

This tree was preserved through construction.

Bike racks designed to look like people.

Environmental remediation.  Water from the parking lot flows directly into this bioswale to controll runoff.

View across the field towards University Blvd

Exercise equipment.

Connector to Timberwood Avenue.

New paths from University Boulevard into the park.

New picnic tables.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

North-South of East West?

A couple weeks ago, we looked at how Four Corners streets got their address numbers. Today, we'll look at which streets run north-south versus north south, based on those address numbers.

 Below is a map I made highlighting east-west streets in green, and north-south streets in orange.

North-South streets in orange, East-West in green.  Drawn by the author in Google Earth.

I determined the geographic orientation of the streets by simply looking at their address numbers. Here in Four Corners, streets with numbers in the hundreds and low thousands are east--west, while those in the nine and ten thousands are north-south. As one can see on the map, some streets don't seem to conform with their directions.

These streets in Northwood all run east-west numbering-wise, but not geographically.

The above image shows some streets behind Northwood High School which all run "east", yet they clearly have no specific geographic direction due to their windy character.

Because most of the streets in Four Corners are not straight lines, there are several streets that do not have any clear direction.  Lawnsberry Terrace in Franklin Knolls is labelled north-south, yet it is a rough "U" shape that seems to go mote east-west than not.

Lawnsberry Terrace is a north-south street, though it doesn't have a dominant geographic direction.
There are several other examples of oddities such as this.  It must have been a judgement call when numbers were assigned to homes on such streets after their construction.  With so many streets lacking a clear geographic direction, it appears planners did the best they could in assigning accurate numbers to these roads.

What do you notice from the map?  Does your street's direction make sense?