Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Around The Corners is back

Hello Everyone. After about a year of being inactive, Around The Corners has returned.  As many of you may know, most blogs that die-out do so because the author has difficulty finding time to write posts.  That's the reason this one went inactive for almost a year (my reason: finishing college).  Now that I have recently graduated from college; I once again have time to blog regularly.

Blogging can be a time-consuming process (especially writing high-quality posts), but I am committed to keeping this blog going for largely the same reasons that I started it: no one else is blogging about the Four Corners area with regularity.  My friend Dan Reed has kept Just Up The Pike going for a remarkable 10 years, which is a true accomplishment.  His blog is currently the only one that covers the Route 29 corridor here in eastern Montgomery County.  As great of a job as he does, no one blog can effectively cover such a large "underblogged" area.  

Aside from that reason, I am resuming the blog because it's fun.  I enjoy writing about this area, and I like the feedback I get from neighbors who appreciate what I do (and apparently some of my former St. B's teachers read this, which is cool).  

Photo by the author.

The type of content I publish on here in the future will be similar to that which I wrote in my first two years of blogging.  I will continue to write posts about local history and transportation issues.  In addition to this, I plan to write more about local businesses and current events.  There are some blogs that cover these aspects of downtown Silver Spring very well, but they don't tend to look much beyond downtown to communities like ours.  Occasionally, I may also write about something in Langley Park, Wheaton, or White Oak that is of interest or relevance to people here in Four Corners.    
I also wanted to use this post to provide a bit of background on me and my philosophy, as it will provide some context as to why I think the way I do.  I've also realized that many people who read blogs (including myself) don't know much about the author since this is an online medium.

If there's anything a reader should know about me, it's that I place importance on intellectual curiosity and critical thinking.  Much of my interest in local goings-on and history was driven by my questioning of why things are the way they are.  I encourage everyone to observe their surroundings and question things they see in their neighborhood, even something as mundane as "Why is my street the width it is?"  Curiosity leads to knowledge (it's why NASA chose "Curiosity" as the name for their Mars rover); small questions like "Why is my street the way it is" lead to bigger questions, which lead to more knowledge, which leads to an informed citizenry.     

My goal is to help inform my neighbors, and to learn from them as well.

Thanks for reading.   

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  1. its equally important to write a blog featuring the place you live in and also the corners surrounding it so people always know where to read about the local new and stuff when its found nowhere else.