About & FAQ

This will be updated periodically as I think of relevant things to put in here

"Who are you?"

My name is Sean Emerson.  I am a Four Corners resident who has lived in Woodmoor since I was born in 1994.  My primary interests are in transportation, politics, history, and geography.  I am a board member of the Action Committee for Transit (ACT), a transit advocacy group focusing on improving mobility here in Montgomery County.

I am also a member of Strong Towns, a nationwide non-profit that promotes an antifragile development pattern.  My views on transportation and land use are heavily inspired by the writings of Charles Marohn and Nassim Taleb.

Intellectual curiosity and critical thinking are very important to me.   I encourage everyone to notice the mundane aspects of their community and ask "Why?" things are the way they are.  I've found that questioning mundane things will often lead to bigger questions, which tends to result in a totally new  perspective on a topic.  Information is more accessible now than at any time in human history, and everyone should take advantage of the sheer volume of knowledge at our fingertips that is just waiting to be accessed.  
As for my educational background, I attended Saint Bernadette's School here in Four Corners for nine years, graduating in 2008.  I then attended DeMatha Catholic High School in Hyattsville, from which I graduated in 2012.  Most recently, I graduated from Washington College in 2016 with a B.A. in political science.

"Why did you create this blog?"

Blogs beget other blogs.  I discovered the blog Just Up The Pike shortly after graduating from high school.  It's run by a guy named Dan Reed who does a great job of covering a host of issues affecting eastern Montgomery County (if you don't know about his blog already, I recommend that you check it out.)  As I continued exploring the blogisphere, I noticed that every other community around Four Corners has at least one blog covering it.  The closest thing to a blog Four Corners has are the neighborhood listservs.  These listervs can only be viewed by those with an account, and I noticed that a lot of misinformation gets spread through them when it comes to controversial topics (new businesses at the shopping center, changes to parks, crime, etc.).  I wanted to create a blog that covered these issues with more depth and accuracy, which would help foment a healthy discourse between neighbors about the future of our community.



  1. Just wanted to say I stumbled across your blog and think it has tons of potential. I grew up on Calumet Drive then my family moved to Damascus. I'm long out of state but it's great to see the Four Corners area thriving! Scary to think the Woodmoor picture is how things ... and cars ... looked when I was growing up there. Thanks for doing this.

  2. Dan Reed has a wonderful blog, how great that it has inspired you. It's nice to see young people take an interest in their communities.

  3. We're hoping to move to the area of Franklin Knolls, and we're really appreciating your perspective. Great blog! Wondering if there's any access to the nw branch park on the west side of the park ... not seeing any on the map. How weird!

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  5. sean you stopped writing. are you well? have you travelled out of usa? i thought you would post about the BRT which will run thru woodmoor/4 courners ; the southwood park...and other news.


  6. Sean- With the article today on Amazon HQ2 going to Crystal City, what is the best way for Montgomery County residents to light a fire under our political leaders to expand 495 and 270 & add rapid transit bus from Montgomery County to Crystal City? The Governor and the County Council have to get on the same page NOW and help get our folks out of the traffic jams between Tyson’s and the Georgia Ave. Exit. It wastes time and spews unneccesary exhaust into our air with all of the idling cars.